UX Design Internship @ VSA Partners

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In the summer of 2018, I joined VSA Partners (VSA) to tackle business challenges for their clients as their only UX Designer intern. In this experience, I had my hands on three robust client projects, engaging in the collaborative and iterative project process with cross-functional teams to design and deliver digital solutions.

The project processes entailed various UX research and design practices, as well as a range of deliverables and presentations: Audit reports (competitors, content strategy, and UX), high-level information architecture, user flow maps, lo-fi and hi-fi wireframes for guiding final visual design, and functional specifications document (FSD) for development teams.

Working at an agency also gave me the chance to observe and practice the art of client services, shouldering the responsibilities of crafting and presenting high-quality UX work, as well as communicating design decisions in a professional fashion.

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