I charge through ambiguity to solve problems.

My adaptive nature allows me to navigate ambiguous and complex problems, while my 5+ years practical experience and education (M.S. in HCI) equipped me with a well-rounded toolkit for me to tackle obstacles along the way.

I turn my ideas into delightful doodles to bring joy to people.

Creative work, especially illustration, gets me into a state of flow. I am constantly  drawing with the intention of putting smiles on peoples' faces and to add flavor — the "Anndo touch" — to every project I work on. When working in a team setting, I never hesitate to be the first person to grab a pen and start sketching — I love to bring peoples' ideas and visions to life.

My experience and empathy drive me to help others.

Through experience, pain, and reality, I have grown to be empathetic and compassionate. Having bounced back from the adversity in life , I always feel grateful for the love and support I have received, and I am eager to give back. With a giver's heart, I am most fulfilled when know I have the ability to contribute to communities and help others grow.

I share my passion and expertise in UX.

Graduate Student Instructor
  • I currently teach fundamental UX methodologies to 100+ undergraduate students at the University of Michigan School of Information.
Instructional Aide
  • I assisted 8 student teams (30+ students) with UX project scoping, enabling them to effectively handle ambiguity, project management, and client engagement.

I step up to support novice coders with their learning.

Technical Writer
  • Since 2017, I have been sharing my knowledge in coding on my blog and GitHub, as well as creating step-by-step tutorials and templates for HTML/CSS/JavaScript beginners.
Teaching Assistant
  • I provided guidance for 20+ technical beginners to build and deploy their first responsive and accessible websites using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap.js, and GitHub.
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